Discover What South African Cities Are

Discover What South African Cities Are

South Africa is the home to a population that is a combination of a great number of religions. It is also the center of a lot of languages and cultures with traditions that belong to some of the oldest cultures of the world. Also known as RSA or SA, it has always been the center of the powers of the world. They have travelled, long distances to gain the control of this part of this world as it used to be the only passage between the east and west until the opening of Suez Canal (meaning the gateway to India). South African cities have century’s long traditions and a culture that was once part of the oldest civilizations of the world. These cities have traditions that belong to the people of the oldest time. They have rituals that have survived the hardships of time and have been safely guarded and transferred to the people who live there today. South African cities have diverse distribution of resources. Some of these are extremely rich like Cape Town, while others are not very rich and usually constitute the major population of people who live in slums. In these cities mass graves and fossils of people of earlier times like Homo sapiens have been found, who are thought to rule this place thousands of years ago. These cities have become the attraction of people from around the world, who come here to spend their vacations or on educational tours. The economically advanced cities host a number of elegant and beautiful hotels. These hotels are big and present their guests with a lot of facilities. The staff here is kind and tends to help their customers to the very extreme. Most of these hotels are present at serene locations that give beautiful views to the people staying there. Many of these hotels on the coastline make your trip memorable. They line up aside a beautiful coastline, with white sand and blue water beaches. The water of these beaches is the part of Indian and the Atlantic Oceans.

South African cities are also rich in mineral esources. In these cities several hundred diamonds and gold mines have been found. This has greatly increased the amount of foreign investments in these cities making them financially stable. In addition to this many people from around the world come here and visit these mines. South African cities also have a number of world renowned clubs and pubs. Alcohol is legal in these cities. Apart from this South Africa has made its mark in the field of cricket and football. In 2010, it became the first country of Africa to hold the FIFA Football world Cup, which took place in its various cities. South Africa and its cities are a great way to spend your vacations. With its beautiful green lands, deserts and coastal areas, these cities will make your trip truly memorable.

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