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indicating that will strengthen the operation of leased premises goldah discount code food safety requirements of the inspection. On the discovery of food does not meet the requirements, goldah discount code rectification and, as appropriate, to recover leased premises. In addition, the regulations further set forth the regulations for the verification of offline venues for goldah discount code food in professional networks, fifautstore discount code made a total of 71 issues concerning 28 categories including shared kitchen site selection, processing, site setting and layout, goldah discount code area, and drainage and disinfection of exhaust fumes A detailed description of the standard. 2017 take-away figures say: 19 million in 2017 What are the best-goldah discount code dishes in the year, followed by preserved lean meat porridge, spicy chicken legs and hot and sour potatoes. Last year, the whole platform hungry total sales of goldah discount code 19 million preserved egg lean porridge. 54.5 yuan 2017 gofifacoins discount code hungry average take-off unit price continues to rise, Shanghai take-off unit price is more to lead the goldah discount code, the delivery price of 54.5 yuan.