6 Easy Steps to Earn WoW Gold Selling Items to the Opposite Faction

6 Easy Steps to Earn WoW Gold Selling Items to the Opposite Faction

If you have a trusted friend on the Horde or Alliance side, you can take advantage of what’s known as cross faction trading to earn some serious WoW gold. There are certain items that are only available to a single faction; a list of purchasable single faction items can be found here. These are going to be your big money makers, so make note of the locations and stock up on items. Cross faction trading normally takes place in the cross faction auction houses(AHs). There are two locations, one on each main continent. The cross faction AH in Eastern Kingdoms is in Booty Bay; in Kalimdor, it’s in Gadgetzan. While you can make a profit simply selling things to the other faction via the cross faction AH, you’ll make an even greater profit if you can get those items on the other faction’s neutral auction house. A player can’t bid on his own items, so you’ll need someone to assist you. Make sure this is a person you trust and know well enough that they aren’t going to walk off with your gold or items; a fellow guildmate can work in a pinch, but someone you know well is much safer.

First, create a toon on the opposite faction and level that toon high enough to get her to the auction house in Booty Bay. You can easily do this around level 25; you can do it at much lower levels if you are willing to run and resurrect frequently on the way. Make sure you get the flight paths along the way to make transporting goods between Booty Bay and your home city much easier in the future.

Step 1: You’ll need to be able to speak with each other during the transactions to ensure a smooth transfer of goods. You can use the telephone or a voice chat program like Vent or Skype.

Step 2: Arrange a fee for your friend that is reasonable for both of you. Paying your friend to help you out, particularly if you plan to send goods back and forth on a regular basis, will keep him or her from feeling taken advantage of and make them more likely to offer the help when you need it.

Step 3: It’s easiest to have your friend be the seller and you be the buyer on the opposite side. To make your transaction time go quickly, it can be helpful to mail all of your goods and gold to cover listing fees and your friend’s cut ahead of time. Otherwise, you’ll be restricted to trading 6 pets at a time via the trade window, which can take an annoyingly long time. You want to make this as painless for your friend as possible so they are willing to help out again in the future.

Step 4: Have your friend’s selling toon and your buying toon meet at a cross faction location at the same time and you should be logged in to whatever method you are using to speak to one another.

Step 5: Have your friend list batches of your items at a predetermined price. He should tell you as soon as they are listed so your buying toon can buy them immediately. This is particularly important if you are listing them at low prices, so another player doesn’t snatch your goods before you can get them in your bags.

Step 6: Once you’ve completed all transaction, remember to thank your friend then head back to your main city and start listing your opposite faction items on your neutral AH. How do high level characters earn their way through the lands of Azeroth?Power Level Your Way to 80Maximize the way you play any class from level 1 80.