Best Free Kick Takers In Each League

Best Free Kick Takers In Each League

In this hub i hope to give any viewers help and tips into the best Free Kick takers in each league that I think are the best at what they do.

Barclays Premier League:

1. Steven Gerrard In my own opinion i think that Steven Gerrard of Liverpool is one of the best midfielders on the game, he can pass, shoot and strike a ball perfect. This is why i think he is a great free kick taker if you want to hit them with power. When you get a free kick between 18 25 yards, make sure Gerrard isn’t taking the initial free kick. Then get someone to lay him off and in my own expierences 9 times out of 10 he will hit the target and score.

2. Carlos Tevez If the power option is not what you seek as a gamer, but you prefer to curl them round the wall, then Carlos Tevez of Manchester City is one of the Best. Free Kicks between 18 22 yards are round about the area you want with him, make sure you are aiming away from goal initially, but before you put on the power, start to bring the direction back towards the goal, and it could curl into he top corner, bottom corner, or anywhere in the net for example.

3. Alex Alex could be one of the most powerful hitters in the Premier League, and this comes across in his free kick abilities. The distance could range between 18 25 yards and once Alex hits them, they stay hit, aim for the goal and keep the ball low and there are times when the ball is too hot to handle and the keeper will spill it into his own net.

4. Gareth Bale Well in this season every can see how brilliant Gareth Bale is playing. And in fifa 11 his skill on free kicks is no different. When using Bale on free kick he excels at many different techniques, he is good at the lay off technique and is very good and curling and dipping the ball. So if you play as Spurs or have him in your Ultimate Team then he should be behind your free kick.

5. Robin Van Persie Well Van Persie has always been well known for his free kicks as he is a very capable player in the BPL who is able to score free kicks from a range of areas. When I use Van Persie I personally like laying the ball of to Van Persie so that he can have a good strike, this normally goes in or forces the keeper to give away a corner.

Who’s your favorite free kick taker in the BPL? Gerrard Tevez Alex Bale Van PersieSee results without voting

La Liga1. His free kicks should also be

feared as he can get to the goal from a dead ball situation in many

ways. He can hit it over the wall, under the wall, round the wall, you

could say he is one good free kick taker.

3. Diego Forlan For

anyone who watched the World Cup it is clear the Athletico Madrid

striker is brilliant at free kicks. When playing fifa his powerful shots

mean he can take free kicks from around 30 yards out, but when close to

the goal he is able to curl the ball around the wall very well. If you

have good technique when taking free kicks then Forlan is your man.

4. Marcos Senna Senna has an unbelievablely powerful shot and can be acquired for only 700 coins. Yet when you use hum fora free kick he has an alimighty powerful shot. He is a midfielder who plays for Villareal, and for a budgeted squad he is a great addition.

5. Dani Alves Well this Brazilian LB is brilliant. When he steps up for a free kick he is a huge danger. But once again he is a high budgeted player who will cost a lot of coins, but if afforded he is a brilliant star for power free kicks, and technical curls.

FIFA 14 Fantasy Draft Tournament

FIFA 14 Fantasy Draft Tournament

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I had an idea after watching this youtube video:

It by aa9skillz. The idea is just like a fantasy draft where you draft players one after another in order until you have a fill squad of 11 players. They only used the BPL, however I wanted to do it a little bit different. I explain the rules a little bit later on in the thread but basically we have a live draft, then a knockout tournament, (maybe a group stage if there is enough interest.)

The draft would have to be held in a skype call or a live chat, that way we can keep it all in check. If there were 16 people in the draft than the draft in round 1 would file down 1 16. Round 2 would go 16 1. So at the end of each round there will be a double pick. (it all really well seen in the video.)

Soo for the rules. I thinking 16 players which would be randomly drafted into a knockout tournament. The draft would have 11 rounds (there will be no subs.). Games will be decided by extra time and penalties if need be. So yes that means only one leg to these games.

There is one thing that we can do since we are youtubers. That is have any player in the game available to us whenever we want. So there are a few restrictions on the teams. First off, you have to be able to afford the team you draft. You can draft players you already have to lower the cost burden, but players you don have you need to be able to afford. Secondly there will be no in forms allowed. Last on the restrictions no players that are rated 90 or higher will be allowed. for those who will make a fuss that is only 4 players. Messi, Ronaldo, Falcao, and Ribery. (This can be changed if enough people want to change it, but i think it would be fair to eliminate those 4.)