The Policy About Trading FIFA 16 Coins

In order to ensure the fairness of fifa 16, EA are taking to update FIFA 16 ban process to improve FUT. The new fifa coins policy will give players a more fair, fun, and safety experience.

FIFA Coin Buying – Two-Strike Policy

In order to properly regulate player prices and better ensure a level playing field, we have adopted a two-strike ban policy for FIFA 16.

Account Buying

Buying FIFA Ultimate Team “mule” accounts that are pre-loaded with illegitimate coins or FIFA Points from third-party websites will result in a permanent online ban from all EA games. As these accounts are created illegitimately by coin-sellers they are considered coin-seller accounts.

Comfort Trades

A “Comfort Trade” is a fut16coin method where you give coin-sellers permission to log into your account in order to acquire illegitimate coins. Once a coin-seller takes control of your account they utilize botting methods to acquire these illegitimate coins. This essentially makes your account a bot account in our security systems and will lead to a permanent online ban for all EA games.

Increased Bans for FIFA 16 Coin Promotion

In order to fairly regulate player prices and better ensure a level playing field, we will adopt stricter bans on coin promoters. Going forward, the FIFA accounts of coin promoters will receive a permanent FIFA online ban.

Zero Tolerance on Coin Selling and Coin Farming

On average, we ban thousands of coin seller and farmer accounts each week and will continue to target coin sellers and farmers aggressively. These bans have had a positive impact on the health of FUT, and we will continue to focus on identifying and banning seller and farmer fifa 16 account in FIFA 16.

What is your opinion for these new policies? Welcome to share your thought with us by leaving comments below.

When FUT Web App for FIFA 16 will be Launched

EA have taken down web access to FUT 15 in preparation for FUT 16 at midnight of September 11. If you try to access the Web App you will be redirected to a ‘Coming Soon’ page. It means that your season is almost starting.

This earlier start is exclusively to the FUT 15 players who have created a Security Question and Answer on FUT console before August 1, 2015. It’s this that defines the beginning of the game with the start of the market, for those who don’t want to lose terrain. YOU have to be there. You’ll receive a starter pack and some welcome packs based only upon your FUT 15 gaming activity. During the first days Daily Gifts will also be offered, so the sooner you start the more you could win. Don’t forget to access your Apps every day. Each day you miss, it is one pack less you get. In the beginning you’ll need all the cards you can get to start your first investments.fifa 16 coins online

When FUT Web App for FIFA 16 will be Launched ?

Don’t miss our starting guide to start the FIFA 16 season with the right foot

But when the FUT Web App for FIFA 16 will be launched? EA Sports will announce it very soon but we may try to find out. One of the ways of doing this is checking what happened last years. In FIFA 15, the web app was pulled down on 12th and back up on 18th. It was supposed to be on 17th, but a few problems have delayed it. In FIFA 14, they turned off the web app on 11th and announced it to 15th. However, EA Sports anticipated in two days avoiding in this way a server overloaded. As you can see it is very hard to find out in which date the FUT Web App for FIFA 16 will be launched because EA Sports never launch in the announced date.fifa 16 coins

Our guess is that FUT Web App will be launched on Wednesday, September 16th. That is the date published by the reliable FIFA 16 calendar of FIFA Game News website. Every year they share a calendar with the dates of the most important FIFA events. And they are (almost) always right. This year, the FIFA 16 calendar was published in June 7th and their dates for demo, FIFA 16 and EA Access launch, for example, were all right. At this moment, there is no reason to think that they are wrong with the FUT Web App launch date.

September 16 is the most likely launch date for the FUT Web App this fifa 16 coins

Gaining Fifa Ultimate Group Coins in FIFA 15

As a gamer, you’ll be able to take pleasure in playing FIFA Ultimate Group; you are able to be a segment of a group of video game devotees. You can find greater than twelve million followers all through the world. The last edition of FUT 14 is usually being expected having a lot of anticipations and zeal. As a typical player of these games, 1 is always to get accustomed to accumulate fut coins. Conversely, wonderful deals of players have had inside the practice of acquiring fut coins from on line to seize the most effective gaming get. When you are deciding to play FUT 15 usually, you’ll want to understand how to attain fut coins. It is actually to decide on the cards of higher worth. Hence, a single can attempt for an cost-effective advantage though selling it. The gamers can acquire the gold cards to sell them inside a larger advantage. The margin is usually to be significantly less; having said that, the gamer simply figure out the buyers for these cards.

As a gamer, you could handle the similar factors coping with the fitness cards. There’s the wholesome demand for them from the players because the game develops. One could also attempt to obtain the control from the industry for a precise player to artificially make the demand for all those cards. If you can preserve these cards for any week or ten days, then, you might be to become able to command an incredibly great price for them. You could improve the wide variety of movements and techniques even though playing the game. Should you can develop the game and show a fair moment of adaptability, that you are to be capable to acquire huge coins. It appears the very best to aim massive tiny earnings aside from attempting to create 1 large killing. This method should be to make you decide the comebacks. At the same time, it’s to keep your threat as low as you possibly can. To save time, you’ll be able to also consider acquiring fut 15 coins online.

You will be not to be discouraged in case your endeavors don’t have your preferred consequences suitable in the birth. When you are patient and hold coping with the proper factors, that you are to definitely begin to get the fut coins just after some time. The approach of purchasing fut coins can operate properly once you find an incredibly good and experienced on line coin seller.

arriving numerous new legends to FIFA 15 Ultimate Group

It truly is to attain greatness more than the pitch together with the new legends in the preceding and stars of presently. It can be to investigate the new legends taking part of the present forty-one legends on Xbox 1 and Xbox 360. Be ready to play with football greats which includes Peter Schmeichel, Alan Shearer, Bobby Moore, and Roberto Carlos. This really is your choice to make that squad for which you have often imagined. The players can go for fut coins at their nearest online gaming property to make a sturdy FUT. The ideal team may be the one particular you make your self. It’s not just about gathering all of the main players collectively in one particular squad. A lot of problems persuade the method of playing with one a different. In FIFA Ultimate Group, the creating of the finest feasible squad requires smarter decisions more than and off the pitch. For more information visit our website: utcointraders