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FIFA Friendly Match up Ecuador vs

FIFA Friendly Match up Ecuador vs

It seems that qualifying for the World Cup in South America has become very difficult. For Colombia in the last two editions far from that magnificent campaign made by the “Cafeteros” in the 94′ edition in USA and the 98′ edition in France, Colombia did not qualify for the for Germany 2006.

They fell to sixth place in the South American region just one point behind Uruguay that had another chance to qualify for the World Cup in a playoff series against Australia but failed.

The Colombian team continues to have friendly matches in order not to loss continuity, since they are not going to the World Cup. This is the only way to expose their players to the international World Cup scenario.

It was very disappointing for the Colombians that their National Team did not qualify for this year edition. All the Colombians are fanatics of this sport. They have a big tradition in football and they are preparing for the next edition. They can’t let another ticket to the World Cup slip away so expect this team to be very good for the next qualifying round in South America.

Ecuador was one of the South American teams that did qualify for Germany. They have a series of friendly games to prepare for the June. One of those matches will be against the Colombian squad, a team that they know very well because they meet in all the South American qualifying rounds.

The purpose of these friendly games is to test the performance of the team in both physical shape and strategies to tune up those last minute details that might be failing.

Ecuador has a tough group stage, they’ll meet Germany, Costa Rica and Poland but they may be a surprise with all the talent and discipline they’ve shown so far.

When Ecuador coach Luis Suarez released the names of the 23 players in his squad for the 2006 FIFA World Cup, the feeling in the air was one of cautious optimism. “I called up the players I’ve always called up, which allows us to carry on the work we’ve been doing over all this time.” Indeed the only notable absentee was midfield player Franklin Salas. El Mago (The Magician), as he is known, has been unable to recover from a knee operation in time for this summer’s showpiece event.

Most big sports books will have lines for this friendly match, so if you love soccer like many people do, there’s no harm in giving more excitement to the game by betting on a game like this.

World Cup referee Veronica Perez

World Cup referee Veronica Perez

Veronica Perez is one of three USSF referees assigned games at this summer’s FIFA Women’s World Cup in Germany. Born Oct. v. Ireland, Sept. 17). In order to be selected for her first World Cup, Perez completed thorough fitness, written, video and on field testing at the Algarve Cup in March. She will face one more fitness test before her first assignment. The tournament begins June 26.

Where and when did your roots in soccer begin to grow?

“I first got involved in soccer when I was a high school student in Woodland, California. I started as a player and then got involved as a referee during my senior year.”

Professionals endure and elevate themselves over obstacles. What were some of the hurdles you cleared during your growth as a referee?

“In many ways, I feel like I have grown up through soccer. I started when I was 16 years old and have continued throughout my adult years. Refereeing soccer was my first job, and so many of the challenges and obstacle are reflective of becoming mature such as learning how to deal with diverse groups of people, learning how to be a professional, understanding how to prepare and perform for the next level, and balancing multiple life and work responsibilities.”

You’ve refereed in many high profile games. The intense feelings begin the moment the assignment is announced or posted on the website. Then, the next few days (if FIFA assignment) or weeks (if other professional assignment) are spent preparing intensely for the match. On game day prior to the match, I spend as much time trying to relax in the hotel so that I can approach the game as clear headed as possible. Once the match begins with the first whistle, I know that from that point forward I have to work extremely hard at maintaining 100 percent concentration on the match as any slight lack of focus can be the difference between getting a call correct or incorrect. Being mentally and physically prepared are both essential ingredients for success.”

What advice would you give aspiring referees?

“I advise aspiring referees that if they are truly interested in refereeing they must be prepared for the long road ahead. Success does not come overnight; it takes years of overcoming challenges, growth, and dedication. Yet, all the things we go through as referees to make it to the next level are extremely personally rewarding and worth the sacrifices.”

“I referee because I enjoy the feeling after the match is over and I feel that I had a good performance. I feel this emotion even stronger after matches that are really tough.”.