Qatar Bidding to Host 2018 2022 World Cup

Qatar Bidding to Host 2018 2022 World Cup

With the deadline fast approaching, the oil rich nation of Qatar has launched its bid to stage one of the tournaments.

Qatar’s Olympic DisappointmentIn October 2007 Qatar became only the second Arab country to mount a serious bid to host the Olympic Games, the first being Egypt.

The city that bid for the event was Doha, the capital of Qatar, and despite a better IOC evaluation score than Rio de Janeiro, Doha was controversially eliminated from consideration.

After suffering this embarrassing setback, Qatar quickly turned her attention to hosting the FIFA World Cup.

Qatar’s Sports Hosting ExperienceThe 2006 Asian Games were held in Doha, yet some problems arose that may well have damaged Doha’s chances of hosting the 2016 Olympics.

Upon the conclusion of the spectacular opening ceremony the heavens opened and rain poured down. Numerous spectators and officials ended up soaked, thus Qatari officials were challenged because it was believed that no effort had been made to safeguard people in the event of heavy rain.

In 2011 Qatar will experience hosting a major football tournament. The small Arab peninsula will play host to the Asian Cup.

In recent years Qatar has become a big payer in the world of sport and the country is now home to a MotoGP race every season and a prestigious tennis tournament at the start of the year.

Problems with Qatar’s BidThe size of Qatar could turn out to hamper their bid, as the area of the country is 11,436 km. The entire country is slightly smaller than Connecticut.

The World Cup is one of the planet’s leading events, consequently thousands, if not millions, of people will converge on Qatar, if they were awarded the World Cup. Consequently, fears of over crowding may not be misplaced.

Another problem could turn out to be the climate of Qatar. The World Cup will take place between the months of June and July; a time when Qatar experiences extreme heat that can reach 50C.

A Growing QatarDoha is currently served by the country’s only airport, Doha International Airport. However, a little east of the current airport construction is ongoing to complete the New Doha International Airport by 2015.

The new airport will be one of the largest in the world and it is estimated that upwards of 50 million people a year will utilise the new facility.

The road network in Qatar is better than many in the region; nevertheless the roads are currently undergoing vast upgrades.

Other plans include constructing a metro system to operate throughout Doha.

Football Stadiums in QatarFour of the country’s six biggest stadiums are all located in the capital, Doha. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that only one stadium in Qatar has a capacity greater than 25,000.

The largest stadium in Qatar is the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, which is capable of holding 50,000 spectators.

Al Gharrafa Stadium in Al Gharrafa, along with Umm Affai Stadium in Umm Affai both have a capacity of 25,000.

Most astonishing of all is that plans have been drawn up for an underground football pitch, the very first of it’s kind anywhere. The arena, dubbed “The Wall” or “The Laptop”, will be air conditioned to combat the sweltering heat in Qatar and it will have only one stand capable of holding just 11,000 people.

> Date >New allegations of corruption have arisen just days before FIFA FIFA International Association Football Federation [French Fdration Internationale de Football Association]

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> Date >New allegations of corruption have arisen just days before FIFA FIFA International Association Football Federation [French Fdration Internationale de Football Association]

FIFA n abbr (= Fdration Internationale de Football Association) FIFA f executive committee members are due to vote on football’s World Cup hosts in 2018 and 2022, Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reported.

The newspaper said a list of FIFA officials who have taken “millions in payments” is circulating.

“There are many names from postbox companies,” an anonymous Swiss resident who has seen the list told the newspaper, which explained that some FIFA executive committee members are hiding behind these companies.

The newspaper added that a well known member of the redirects here. For other uses, see IOC (disambiguation).

The (French: Comit International Olympique) is an organization based in Lausanne, Switzerland, created by Pierre de Coubertin and Demetrios Vikelas on June 23 (IOC IOC

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The fresh allegations come just a week after FIFA’s fledging ethics body slapped unprecedented one to three year suspensions on two executive committee members over misconduct or bribery on November 18, sidelining them from voting.

The scandal triggered by undercover newspaper reporters revived memories of influence peddling at world football’s governing body stretching back to the 1990s. Ethics committee chief Claudio Sulser had described the affair as damaging.