Maca Radio: FIFA will investigate the transfer of minors to Wallen and Huang Qian

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In Barcelona, ??Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, FIFA again the investigation of the eyes to the other two Spanish traditional teams Valencia and Villarreal.

According to the news of the card, recently FIFA European giants are a new round of youth training survey, following Chelsea and Manchester City, Villarreal and Valencia also on the list. FIFA believes that these clubs have problems in the transfer of minors.
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According to FIFA’s transfer regulations, adolescents under 18 years of age can not make international transfers before adulthood, unless certain conditions are met, such as parents migrating to other countries for non-soccer reasons.

In fact, FIFA for the Spanish club’s investigation for a long time, Maca radio said, Villarreal and Valencia has been prepared to meet the FIFA test. They believe that their behavior does not have any problems.

After the Barcelona, ??Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid has been because of the relevant violations were subject to the ban on the transfer ban, but Maca radio said that many clubs in recent years has made recommendations to FIFA to amend this provision, because these clubs believe that their facts Is for these young people to provide a better standard of living and career prospects.

But the current FIFA has no intention to modify this provision..
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